Keuken Kampioen Review - My horrific experience with Keuken Kampioen

Keuken Kampioen - My horrific experience with Keuken Kampioen


Me and my wife went to keuken kampioen at Mijdrecht to look for a kitchen for our new house which we planned to buy but still not bought then. Marshal from keuken kampioen showed us the kitchen and finally created an offer for us. As we still did not buy the house then, so we didn't want to sign any paper. They fooled us by giving an offer. They gave us appliances worth 250 euros and told us to sign the offer and pay 250 euros. They mentioned that in case we don't buy the house or do not want to buy kitchen they will keep 250 euros with them and we will keep the appliances. But if we decide to buy, then we will get the appliances for free. Later we realized it's an overpriced kitchen and we told them we do not want the kitchen. Then the manager at the shop who is very arrogant and ill mannered person told us that we have signed the order and now we need to pay 30% fine if we cancel. By then even the design of kitchen was not finalized and no measurements were taken. Also as all the papers were in Dutch and we cannot read Dutch, we trusted their words and got fooled. They talked so rudely to me and my wife that finally we got pissed off like hell and we paid the fine to get out of their shackles. It was a nightmare experience for us and we lost thousands of euros as fine. I would suggest people never to trust their words and there are other shops who offer better kitchen for much less price. These guys are just bunch of liars !! They took advantage of us being expats. #shameonkeukenkampioen

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No strengths

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They are bunch of liars. Very arrogant people specially the manager. Very very poor service.

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