never again with them

I agreed with them to have the simplest thing in a kitchen done-to just do the kitchen worktop and nothing more. In the contract the delivery date stated was 5 weeks.
7 weeks passed by and no sound of them at all.
Than I decided to engage them and they have been inventing stories and excuses for the past 5 weeks (so far). For the past 3 month since I have hired them to do a simple work, I am without a functional kitchen, eating out every night, because they are incompetent in the work they are suppose to be "champions" in.
I have tired everything to reason with them, calling them, sending emails, opening complaints on their official site, opening complaints on ( btw at the moment they own 73% of the complaints in their category) reported them in the and, send complaint via registered mail, etc. So their response to this: SILENCE. Nobody gives 10cents to what you have to say.
I strongly advise anyone that is even thinking to get anything from these people, to go to the next store. Even if you plan to get a small handle worth 20euros, just dont enter their shop. Just go to the next one. There is always a next one, just 2meters from them. And the other companies are smart. The open their shops just next to keukenkapioen, because they know that you will not go in keukenkapioen, but will go in their shop. Just do that and I promise you, you will feel appropriated and satisfied, you will be smiling, and everything will be done according to the agreement.
I still can not understand how is it possible to agree that you will deliver something in 5 weeks (which is again a lot of time for such a simple thing) to and than take 12 weeks (so far) not to deliver. And probably there will be 3-4 more that I will need to wait. That is 250% more that the agreed time, and 250% more of money thrown out on dinners every night.
I feel sorry for all of us that made the mistake to start something with these liars.

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